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About ACT Home Watch Services

Under the helm of broker Roger Solem, a 27-year veteran of the real estate market, ACT Home Watch Services goes the extra mile to ensure that you can leave their home with confidence – no matter how long you're away.

Roger believes building trust is essential in his business. "You hear all kinds of horror stories in this market," said Solem, recalling the story of a couple who went north for a few months and returned unexpectedly to find their housekeeper and her boyfriend had taken up residence in the house. In another case, a woman who had left for the summer suspected something was wrong when she hadn't heard from the company managing her property. When she called her home, someone picked up the phone. It turned out the management company had rented her condo for a few weeks.

"It's important to establish confidence, but this is a two-way street. We need to know who our clients are, and they need to know us," said Solem, a licensed community association manager who has been affiliated with property managers, individual homeowners and condo associations for more than 14 years. "Minding your treasures is our priority."

Fully licensed, insured and bonded, ACT Home Watch Services covers a wide range of services, from standard security inspections to concierge accommodations.

"We can conduct inspections of exteriors and interiors, change AC filters, check for mold and mildew, pests, leaks, and other essentials," Solem said, referring to our Home Watch Services. "We also secure windows and doors, and make sure water heaters and smoke detectors are properly set. But if a client needs us to feed his koi or gold fish, hey, we're easy."

If you have to leave home on quick notice, an ACT associate can step in and empty out the refrigerator of perishables, such as milk, cheese and leftovers, as well as turn off appliances and stow away patio furniture and accessories, said Gigi, ACT Home Watch Services consultant. By the same token, when you are ready to return, ACT can shop for groceries and replete their fridge the day before. These are just a few of the Concierge Services that ACT offers. "We can reset the air and lighting, and have your favorite music playing when they walk in," she said. "And, of course, we can have fresh flowers and appetizers waiting for you."

For the most part, inspections of property are conducted on a regular basis, ranging from weekly to monthly visits. Once a home check is complete, an ACT associate will contact you with a report, including photos, via email or regular mail.

Moreover, If ACT discovers an urgent situation, an associate will call you directly and recommend possible solutions. ACT has a wide range of accredited sub-contractors who can respond to any emergency on a moment's notice, whether fire, burglary, flood or imminent hurricane. ACT can also supervise and monitor any work done on your home.

"All you have to do is call and let us know your intentions," Solem said. "We'll meet with you and together we'll do a walk-through of your property and create a point-by-point list of your concerns. And we'll take it from there. We can even customize a plan to meet your specific needs and budget. That's what we do best."

With offices on Pasadena Avenue in St. Petersburg, ACT Home Watch Services covers much of southern Pinellas County, including the entire west coast and aligning water front communities, from Tierra Verde to St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Redington, and Clearwater Beach. Besides Home Watch and Concierge, ACT also offers Cleaning Services and Hurricane Services.

"After nearly three decades in this business, I've learned to take care of my customers' properties as if they were my own," Solem said. "More than security and beyond comfort, we provide peace of mind."

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