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Home Watch Services

ACT Home Watch Services is your partner for home care, maintenance, and security on your vacation home or rental property. We eliminate the worry and hassle of owning and managing your Pinellas County, FL home from a distance.

You may be thinking "How often should I have my home checked?" The answer to that question is "How much time are you comfortable with passing before it is discovered?" A small amount of water in a closed up home will produce a large amount of mold and mildew that is costly to clean up, and will do so very quickly. The pool filter stops working or the air conditioner breaks down. So many things can happen! The sooner they are discovered, the less the amount of damage.

We offer Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly visits. How do you know if we showed up for your scheduled visit? We travel with our laptop and digital camera. We complete a checklist report and email the report along with a dated photo to you. You'll know we were there as scheduled and your home is okay! (The completed checklist for each home watch inspection is kept on file by ACT HomeWatch Services and is available for your review upon request.)

In the event a serious problem is detected requiring immediate attention, you will be notified by phone, text or email. We are here to assist you with resolving any issues promptly. Your home will be fully secured upon completion of each inspection.

With every inspection, you will have peace of mind knowing that these 29 Points are checked:

Interior Inspection Point Description
Doors/Windows: Check to assure all are secure, as well as, for forced entry damage and vandalism.
AC/Heater: Check air conditioner/heater for proper setting and operation (Electrical surges can reset electronic thermostats unless system is shut down).
Water Leaks: Check for signs of obvious water leaks from interior sources (i.e. water heaters, washer hoses, ice maker, dishwasher, interior plumbing).
Smoke Detectors: Check for proper operation.
Refrigerators/Freezers: Check proper operation (if left on) or mildew accumulation (if turned off).
Dishwasher/Disposal: Run & check on short cycle and check the disposal by adding 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to lubricate parts.
Water Heater: Check water heater if client is absent for long periods. It is important to circulate water in the water heater by turning on faucets and other systems in the house to eliminate stale and unpleasant odor buildup.
Plumbing: Check exposed plumbing areas for leaks.
Roof Leaks: Check all rooms for evidence of roof leaks including door & window frames (excluding attic).
Electrical Service Panel: Check for tripped breakers caused by power surges or electrical shorts and reset the breaker.
(GFCI) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: Checked in kitchens and bathrooms.
Security: Lamps Check room lighting and change to a different room, upon owners request.
Condition/Cleanliness: Check for condition and cleanliness left by authorized guests or contractors, etc.
Faucets: Check all faucets for operation in kitchens, bathrooms, utility and tub/showers.
Toilets: Check toilets (will be flushed to prevent dried gaskets, traps and bowl leaks). Close shut-off valves should the home be vacant for long periods.
Pests/Insects/Rodents: Visually check for pests, insects and rodents.
Security: Check the security and functioning of door locks, dead bolts, alarm system checks and exterior lights.
Miscellaneous: Check for unusual odors or noises, out of place items, etc.
Photograph Records: We keep a photographic record and hard copy inspection report of all visits to your home and generate an email report for each client.

Exterior Inspection Point Description
Landscape Maintenance: Check for overgrown yard & flower beds, lawn damage, weeds, lack of water issues, tree branches, and drainage problems.
Remove Solicited Materials: Check and remove all unwanted fliers, newspapers, phone books, junk mail and trash in yard.
Delivered Mail: Pick up delivered mail and leave inside the premises.
Water Leaks: Check for signs of obvious water leaks from exterior sources.
Faucets: Check all outside faucets.
Pool/Spa: Check for water level, discoloration, algae, trash, pool pump operation and filter screens.
Structure Inspection: Visually inspect from ground level: Roof, siding, fences & gates, rain gutters – damage or obvious buildup, exterior doors including storm doors, garage doors, windows & screens.
Pest/Rodent/Insects: Check for pest, rodent and insect infestations.
Bulkhead/Boat Lift: Visual inspection only.
Boat/Yacht: Dry Land Visual inspection only.

The interior inspection also includes maintaining humidity levels, looking for evidence of insect or termite activity, and even collecting and forwarding first class mail. An email report, with photographs, will be sent after each visit with the inspection results.

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ACT Home Watch Services currently serves the following cities: St. Petersburg, FL; St. Pete Beach, FL; Tierra Verde, FL; Pass A Grille, FL; Treasure Island, FL; South Pasadena, FL; Madeira Beach, FL; Indian Rocks, FL; Redington Shores, FL; Redington Beach, FL.